Would You Buy This Damaged Maybach With 32 Miles On The Clock?

36w ago


Have you fooled people into thinking you’re mega rich? Do you post photos of private jets on Instagram but can barely afford a Big Mac? If this is you, this salvaged 2016Mercedes-Maybach will be right up your street. You’ll get to enjoy the uber-luxurious interior without forking out nearly $200,000 for a new one.

Yep, it’s damaged, but you could treat it as a luxury cabin for you and your friends. From these photos, it looks like it’s only sustained damage to the front and rear ends. Everything between the axles looks to be factory fresh.

It’s clear that you will have some expensive bills, as Merc panels and fittings aren’t exactly cheap. From a quick glance, you’re definitely gonna need a new bonnet, front bumper, front fender, rear bumper and a trunk lid. Plus you’ll need a new headlight, a set of new taillights, a radiator and to reshape the exhausts back to the way Mercedes intended. And you’ll have to make sure all the safety features work.

Every cloud has a silver lining (or chrome in this case), so be thankful that the airbags didn’t go off. You’d be facing lots of extra charges and damage to the interior if they had. Because they didn’t go off, it’s likely that this mega-Merc was stationary and unoccupied when the damage occurred. The engine looks close to being in one piece, too.

And this is one engine that definitely needs saving. With just 32 miles on the clock, the 523hp twin-turbo V12 hasn’t had a chance to even settle in, let alone be driven in anger.

So this won’t be a cheap one to repair, but it certainly wouldn’t be anywhere near the price of a new one.

Would you take this car on?

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