Would you buy this fake Porsche Carrera GT?

5w ago


This 'Porsche' is based on a Pontiac Fiero. It's currently for sale on Ebay UK for £12,995. Bargain right? No, this is hideous and there is so much wrong with it I can't begin to tell you.

There is clearly a badge stating that it has a 'V12', if you know anything about Porsche it's that the Carrera GT has a 5.7L V10. Secondly, the bodykit isn't the best work I have ever seen. Well done for trying but it makes me feel queasy.

But it's not all bad.... Look at the lovely interior. A lot of work has gone in to that.

Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Comments (36)
  • Heck everything is based on a fiero

    15 days ago
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  • At first glance I thought that's a lotus lol

    26 days ago
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