Would you call the Casio Databank a timeless classic or a cheap toy?

I'm asking because I've never owned one

Casio started out as a consumer electronics company in 1946 and they only began making watches on a large scale much later, in the early 1980s. In fact, the first product that the company's founder Mr. Kashio Seisakujo ever built was a so-called 'Yubiwa pipe', which is essentially a ring that you can wear to hold a cigarette.

Casio spent the following ten-odd years trying just about anything and everything until 1957, when the brand released the Model 14-A, the world's first all-electric compact calculator.

Throughout its history, Casio has built calculators, cameras, electronic games and dictionaries, musical instruments and the list goes on and on. They also build watches, as we all know, and precisely because they've tried out so some things, they've also occasionally manufactured some quirky watches that also incorporated other technologies. This brings me on neatly to the Casio Databank.


The original Databank was introduced in 1983, one of the first digital watches ever designed, and over the last thirty years, Casio has unveiled a variety of different Databank models. In fact, the Databank is still part of the brand's catalogue. The first iterations of the Databank could be used as a calculator and a watch, and you could also store names and phone numbers and memos in the watch. In the latest editions, you can even store email addresses.

As watch geeks, we must admit and acknowledge that, as a piece of technology to tell the time, the wristwatch is an outdated product. There's no two ways about it. Watch enthusiasts are always triggered when people who don't care about watches say "why do I need a watch when I've got a phone?" but the there's an element of truth in that statement. That's why the Databank can't be considered anything other than a cool timepiece because the technological implications that it comes with can theoretically be useful but in the real world, you're never gonna use them.

Which brings us back to the original question in the headline. It's cheap, which is always a plus, and Walter White wears one in Breaking Bad, that's another plus. But is the Casio Databank cool or not?

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