1y ago

Would you choose power over lightweight agility?
Interestingly the Kawasaki H2R makes 120 horsepower more than the Suter 500, but also weighs 120kg more.
(Kawasaki H2R stats are 340 horsepower and 245kg)
(Suter MMX500 stats are 198 horsepower and 128 kg)

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Comments (2)

  • Im sure they're both an absolute handfull.

    Test ride the heck out of them before you buy.

    My Gsxr750 was a good balance of speed and agility.

      1 year ago
  • Which to choose...I ordinarily choose agility and chassis over power, so I'd probably have a Suter, but man, what I wouldn't do for a go at either. I imagine cracking the throttle WFO on either would be unbelievable.

      1 year ago