Would you daily drive a prewar?


I spent few weeks driving a 1923 torpedo.

At the tremendous speed of 40 miles per hour, it felt like flying on first war biplane...


Of course, as soon as I was stuck in a trafic jam, it was boiling like an old teapot. In fact, there was so much steam that it was barely impossible to see the front bonnet... But the face of all the grandmas seeing the car worth it. I assume it was the same that when they saw GI's coming to free them in 1944... On the road, the car was able to reach almost 50 miles per hour. At this speed, everything was hard: every bump sent a smash on you neck and every time you were willing to change the direction the car had chosen for you, you had to use your whole body to move that gigantic wooden wheel in front of you.

But the feeling that you are driving the purest essence of what a car should be was way better than all of these little flaws.

So, are you, or would you drive a pre-war car everyday?

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Comments (3)

  • I would drive one of these daily, given the opportunity! Thanks for sharing the tale.

      3 years ago
    • You're Welcome Jason. I sold mine, and I really regret it now. It was slow, but every time I drove it, it felt like being in an old plane...

        3 years ago
  • I use to drive a 1940 Ford Tudor as a daily driver. It had good brakes and a the original type Flathead V8... A heater that worked, sort of... One tail light... Cruised at 70 mph on cool days. After about 150 miles I was usually ready to take a significant break from driving. I traded the car for a late-model Volvo. I have mourned that day ever since. LOL.

      1 year ago