Would you like a Bentley teddy bear for Christmas?

The travel bag looks good

Bentley, just like several other car brands, has realised that selling car-themed products and Bentley-branded items is easy, unlike selling cars; and it is profitable, unlike selling cars. And every year they up their game with a collection of cool stuff for Christmas.

Most items are a little less expensive than you’d expect, starting with Continental GT3 Pull-Back Toy Car, which costs £15. In fact, the only expensive thing is the Naim speaker, priced at £1,799. You can find out more at shop.Bentleymotors.com.

My rule when it comes to branded items is yes but on one condition: it doesn’t have to be tacky. The duffel/travel bag, for example, is tasteful, and so is the Bentley-branded wallet. And of course the teddy bear.

Would you buy/do you own car-themed/branded items?

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