Would you like to know how the new Defender was designed?

    Exploring the Land Rover Defender design philosophy

    34w ago


    When I was invited to interview Mr Massimo Frascella, the creative head of Jaguar Land Rover, I was a bit terrified. Why? Because I have never conducted an interview before, and I had to interview someone who was part of the design team that redesigned the new Land Rover Defender.

    With people completely polarized on their views about what JLR has done with the car, and the first reviews from Namibia just hitting us on various YouTube channels, here is what Massimo had to say about the design process in this quick video.

    Massimo originally hails from Italy. During his career, he has worked with Stile Bertone, Lincoln, Mercury, Kia and then eventually moved to Land Rover in 2011. He has played a key role in designing the new Range Rover Velar and Evoque.


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    • I never liked the old one. Never understood why people are so fussed about such an outdated vehicle. But the new one is absolutely stunning. It looks good even in the most basic spec (unlike other models of that company). In my eyes, it is not a reminiscence but the ultimate 4x4 of the 2020ies

        7 months ago
      • The old was a cult classic. More of nostalgia than anything else. This is the Defender for the future.

          7 months ago
      • I like the old one because it looks cool and it is a national icon for the U.K., despite even new the older Range Rover Classic was nicer on the road and easier to fit in. The new one feels like a massive catchup to modern vehicle design, and I think...

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          7 months ago
    • Give me that 110 P400, spec it with the Explorer Pack and I shall be roaming the planet for the rest of my life :D

        7 months ago
    • There is and will always be only one Defender.......The new remake looks like a Crossover Freelander......

        7 months ago
    • NO....... Maurice Wilks is spinning in his grave about calling this disco refugee a Land Rover!

        7 months ago
    • The new Defender has all the potential of the previous Defender wrapped up in 21st Century modern tech.

        7 months ago


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