- People have a smashing time on a stress relief course (Image BBC)

Would you like to smash up cars for stress relief?

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You might not have heard of 'anger rooms' which are places where people can go and smash things up legally as a form of stress relief. Also known as rage rooms or smash rooms they have opened in cities around the world, and they offer a safe place for people to hurl a plate across a room, take a sledgehammer to a computer or smash up a framed photo of their ex with a golf club. That might not be for everyone, but it is growing in popularity and the BBC reports a company in the Netherlands is now offering people the opportunity to smash up cars to release their tensions.

Rage against the machine?

At Carsmash (what else would you call it?) CEO Marlijn Boshuizen says it's a safe enviroment, potentially stopping people from damaging things illegally. The participants are provided with safety clothing, sledgehammers and baseball bats, golf clubs and other implements to vent their anger smashing up a car at a scrapyard under controlled conditions.

Smashing (Image BBC)

Not everyone thinks venting anger by destroying things is healthy, though we have all got annoyed in traffic jams and with other road users and might have felt like smashing a car up, should we do it in reality, even under regulated conditions? Psychologist Joanna Pantazi has reservations about the idea that stress can be relieved in a negative pouring out of anger rather than in something more positive, such as 'talking' therapy recommended by mental health charity MIND. She tries it herself and declares it harder than she expected but also more satisfying and seems to generally enjoy the experience.

Team buiding events to take things apart

It's not just people seeking stress relief that are booking a car smashing day, it has also become popular with stag parties and team building events. It does seem to be asking for trouble to give someone a baseball bat and ask them to spend a day with their colleagues, but the violence is directed solely against the car provided and it is increasingly popular.

Where is Basil Fawlty? (Image BBC)

The video report by Anna Holligan for the BBC can be seen here:-


Do you love the sound of breaking glass? (Image BBC)

What do you think, would you love to spend the day smashing up an old banger? Would it make you feel less stressed and better able to deal with your life stresses or is it too negative? Or do you love all cars and couldn't bring yourself to smash one up? Let me know what you think in the comments below.