Would you pay $94,000 for this perfect Subaru Impreza RB5 WR Sport?

It's a slice of automotive history, but is it worth close to $100k?

7w ago

The Subaru WRX STI is one of those cars which has a huge cult following of all ages. These rally legends are loved by people who used to watch them racing back in the 90s, all the way up to those who want to tune them.

Because of ths, they are all becoming more desirable. Just look at any 22Bs to see what I mean. However, there is another special edition known as the Impreza RB5 WR Sport inspired by legendary driver, Richard Burns.

The RB in the name naturally refers to Richard Burns, while the number 5 refers to the number that Burns had on his race car. But this is more than just a car with some stickers and a name long enough to feature on a Pink Floyd album.

Subaru made just 444 of these Prodrive-tuned cars for the UK, and only 170 are said to have been configured with the WR Sport upgrade package - which this one has.

It is finished in Blue Steel and features other upgrades which include metallic 17-inch alloys, PIAA front lights with RB5 covers, unique floor mats, and an interior with blue Alcantara seats and suede-effect trimmings.

Other parts include a Prodrive High Wing with an integrated brake light, a Prodrive ECU, STI de-cat and Prodrive back-box, and Prodrive intercooler piping. All this combined together produced a total of 237hp and 258 lb-ft of torque which can only result in many hours of fun which is all this car has had by the look of its 4,000 mile odometer.

This exact car was up for sale at Contemp Concept in Hong Kong for $94,000 and has since sold, making it either a big mistake or great investment. Which do you think it is?

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