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Today is all about eye-poking and toothpaste

3y ago

"Did you see the news this morning?" asked Jeremy through a mouth full of toothpaste.

"No. What's happened now?" I asked, taking the toothbrush from Jeremy to attempt to scrub the prior evening out of my mouth.

Jeremy, having spat and rinsed the used toothpaste foam from his gob, replied while leaving the room - "Nothing really. It turns out that seventy-five percent of my fan base are a bit mental."

"Huh..." I grunted between brush strokes whilst staring lovingly at the Mocha Black S65 AMG parked just outside the window.


I can picture Mr.Clarkson reading this -- fat chance, I know -- and thinking; "This is stupid. And he's picked the wrong car..."


Congratulations all on totally redeeming yourselves after yesterday's little Lexus debacle. The Nissan Juke is a miserable, ugly, and useless collection of cheap plastic and "racing" seats that once assaulted my gentlemens area and gave me a concussion at a car show. I can't even be bothered to look up the specs to provide the scale of its awfulness.

Here are the results from yesterday followed by today's poll:

A note about today's poll; It is to be assumed that the Corolla you buy will be driven for the balance of your century. Also, the eye poke will not be a gentle one. You will not enjoy it.

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