Would you rent your driveway out to a stranger?

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There's now a website that lets you search for homeowner's driveways to park on. Yes, you read that right. The people over at YourParkingSpace.co.uk have created a website that lets you search for parking spaces to leave your car whilst you go to work or out for a spot of shopping.

With Christmas approaching, car parks are becoming extremely busy. Driveway rentals are set to increase up to 15% this festive period, and are often cheaper in price compared to the multi-story car parks in city and town centres.

The Christmas period usually results in busy car parks

With already 18,000 driveway and empty space owners on the website, people have been making more than £500 over the year, which is the average cost of a British family's Christmas. Space owners in other parts of the UK such as Milton Keynes, Luton and Leicester are said to be making well over £1000, easy money for little work.

Seems like a no-brainer, right?

The website is free to use, and lists parking spaces near shops, train stations, airports, city attractions and stadiums, but would you trust a complete stranger to park their car on your drive?

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  • Depending on the car.. I'd love to see a nice Evo VIII every day. A multipla owner can look for another space to park in, preferably the next town over.

    21 days ago
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  • I wish japanese elevator parking is available everywhere

    21 days ago
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