Would you wear a Nürburgring-inspired wristwatch?

Introducing the Nordschleife 1927 Pole Position and Speedblack Edition

The part of the Nürburgring complex that we normally talk about - the 'Green Hell' that's open to the public and used to break records, test cars and annoy James May - is actually known as the 'Nordschleife' (North Loop), a 170-corner, 20.83km track that's notoriously very hard to drive around.

Car people love it, respect it, admire it and, whenever they can, they storm to Germany to drive their own vehicles around it and buy Nürburgring-based gifts and merchandise, including this new wristwatch that was specifically designed by the company that runs the track.

It's called the 'Nordschleife 1927' (a reference to the opening year) and it features a 24-hour dial instead of a 12-hour one. The 43mm stainless steel case is available with satin-finish (Pole Position model) or with matte black finish (Speedblack Edition) and it houses a Swiss quartz movement designed to follow a 24-hour cycle rather than a 12-hour cycle with AM/PM hours.

As the day progresses, the hour hand will move indicating a different time of the day from 0:00 to 23.59. I guess it can be a little confusing at first but I think you can get used to it pretty quickly.

Priced at €119 (Pole Position) and €129 (Speedblack Edition).

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Comments (7)

  • Would you wear a Nürburgring-inspired wristwatch? @tribe

      2 months ago
  • It’s pretty cool. Simple elegant and right to the point.

    I like.

      2 months ago
  • I might consider ordering one... If I hadn't just last month ordered a mechanical Vostok with a 24h dial 😬

      2 months ago
  • No. I don’t know enough about the sport to appreciate it. And everyone I know would think I was snooty or something 😂

      2 months ago
  • YES!

      2 months ago