Would you wear a watch that looks like a robot?

It's the Azimuth Mr. Roboto

This Futurama-looking thing is an Azimuth Mr. Roboto R1, inspired by the Lantern Robot from the 1950s, and that's actually the first thing I love about it. In my mind, I can totally imagine the person who designed this watch thinking "I love this weird-looking robot from the 50s, I'm gonna make a watch out of it".

By looking at this watch and reading the description on the website, you can tell two things. First, you know that Azimuth, Swiss manufacturer founded in Neuchâtel in 2003, don't take themselves too seriously as the description on the website says that Roboto R1 "from Planet Zug is quirky and temperamental. He is currently on a secret mission to uncover man’s plot to replace tin robots with advanced AI robotics. Mr Roboto R1 is the champion for the unification of the tin robot community. Stay by his side for the ultimate battle for and defense of the human race! "

Not kidding. And then the second thing I know is that they're ultra passionate about the "tin robot generation".


The left eye of the robot is the hour indicator, while the right eye is the GMT indication, the nose+mouth is the seconds indicator. The 43 mm tonneau-shaped case is made from steel and it houses an ETA automatic winding.

Both the R1 and the R1 versions are available from Chrono24 and the average price is around $5-6,000. What do you think, fair price? Let me know in the comments

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