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I knew this Tribe would take off once I was able to get over the initial hurdle of having it go public. It's tough getting those initial followers to sign up... So I really appreciate all of you for joining! Now, to keep this pony running, post something! Doesn't have to be your car. Something cool you saw at a show. A useful tech tip. An interesting car up for sale on Craigslist. What have you done to your Mustang recently? Any cool vintage Ford events coming up? Show & tell! Cheers! -Todd

The images in this post are of probably the nicest concours restored fastbacks I have ever seen. A '66 GT, done impecably well. Looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor!

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  • I'm loving your Tribe Todd, and yes searching for those initial nine people to join and getting it public was somewhat of a challenge, as most were like "Drive what?" but we did it and the Tribes are growing pretty fast! congrats man! - Ritchie.

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