WRC 10: What is new?

W​RC 10 is the latest racing game from Kylotonn Racing and Nacon. Here is how the rally-'em-up compares with WRC 9 in terms of features.

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I​t feels like only yesterday that I was scandi-flicking my way through my (too long) WRC 9 review and yet here we are with the 10th installment, which will be available as a Steam Festival demo from the 16th of June 2021.

Y​es, you can play the same version of WRC 10 I was given (but not allowed to talk about), which includes a limited version of the full game. Just three stages and the reverse versions are included as well as four cars.

T​hat means you will not be sampling the latest features in WRC 10 such as a livery editor, improved career mode and new historic rally cars. But it should give you a better indication of how it will handle compared to WRC 9.

S​upposedly, WRC 10 is more realistic than ever. I'm not sure how much of that I have felt so far, especially the allegded ground effect aero improvements, but the steering and feeling of the car remains as intuitive as ever. Even with a controller.

T​o be fair, humid British weather and a lack of air-con has made the prospect of sitting in a PlaySeat Challenge while battling with a steering wheel attached to a motor less tempting than usual.

I​ shall therefore save my driving impressions for a cooler day (and the full game). In any case, this WRC 10 gameplay video is about giving you the lowdown on all the new cars, new features, new rallies, new handling changes and new engine sounds.

The W​RC 10 release date is the 2nd of September 2021. It will be available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. A Nintendo Switch version will arrive later. Next-gen optimisation is a thing for those who have a PS5, Xbox Series X or Series S.

F​eel free to go and download the WRC 10 Steam Festival demo while you wait for my WRC 10 review. Just remember to have a gaming PC with the minimum specs. The demo version will be removed on the 22nd of June so you best not dawdle.

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