Wrc 2017

2017 is the start of a new and exciting era for rallying with the biggest regulation shake up in recent decades but what are we to expect?

3y ago


Personally, in the last 10 years i feel that the wrc has been coming across a bit dull and i find that the biggest reason for that is that the cars themselves aren't as exciting to look at as they were back in the glory days of the GroupB cars and that is the main era that seems to be considered the best period of rallying. But now, with the introduction for these new regulations for 2017 and beyond it seems that these features that were once unique to them glory days of GroupB are coming back to life next season. More Downforce, more power and better looks and i also think they will make the first few rallies of 2017 very unpredictable as it will be the first time that the cars will be driven up against the rest of the field. Either way it will be a very interesting and exciting season of rallying in 2017. BRING ON MONTE CARLO!!!!

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