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    WRC 8 VS DiRT Rally 2.0: Which should I buy?

    Two decent rally games from 2019, but what if you can only buy one? Here's a video-based look at how they compare so you can decide.

    1y ago


    After a two-year hiatus, the WRC series is back with the eighth outing of the series. That means there are now two notable rally games available in 2019, the other being DiRT Rally 2.0 from Codemasters.


    In an ideal world it would be great to buy both games as times are tough and the world needs good rally action. It's as important as oxygen. But sadly you may not have the pennies (or be allowed to spend them if you do).

    And so here we are with my WRC 8 VS DiRT Rally 2.0 video, which looks at key elements of both games to see how the differ, including controller and steering wheel support, the graphics, handling and longevity. Usual stuff.

    Before you disappear off to A Tribe Called Cars on YouTube to watch, I will say that both games are decent and although I have a personal favourite, the only winner that matters is the consumer because more choice is rarely a bad thing.

    DiRT Rally 2.0 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. WRC 8 is also available on the same systems, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

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    Comments (16)

    • Dirt looks better and the controls are very realistic. It's much harder that WRC and has a wider selection of cars.

        1 year ago
      • But you have to pay for the DLCs for the extra cars. I'm also not sure it's more realistic to drive, it can feel a bit odd. I like that it's tough as old nails, though.

          1 year ago
      • Dirt 2.0 is a lot infinitely better than WRC8. No comparison. Everything is better physics, handling, realism and graphics. Like this is not enough WRC8 does not even support VR .. in 2020 no VR !!!

        WRC8 developers live in the past or they are...

        Read more
          9 months ago
    • Absolutely WRC 8. The gameplay is much more harder and Realistic. It has a smallest selection of cars, that is true, but a much more larger and realistic selection of Locations all over the officiaal World Rally Championship. It makes me laugh reading the comments here down below :D I Can smell that the half of them havent even play WRC 8 And theyre driving above the HYPE of Dirt Rally.

      Resume : If you into rally and realistic driving WRC 8 Is much more realistic and absolutely Immersive compare to both of the dirt rally series. If youre loving rally driving in general both of them must be on your collection, of course.

      WRC 8 is the best rally game ever ever and for sure much better then both Dirt rally . How the surfaces react to the car, the dynamic weather the management side of the seasons.

      Yes Dirt rally as better fleshy graphics and a really attractive selection of cars but when its time to drive on the fields is obvious the difference and the maturity of the WRC Series : is not even comparable.

      Wrc is a serious and extended simulation of the rally discipline. Dirt rally is a commercial version of it with much lesser countries and options.

      WRC 8 10/10

      Dirt and Dirt 2.0 9/0

        2 months ago
    • Dirt rally 2, but I think the first one was better

        1 year ago
    • Dirt rally has much better physics but is much less forgiving . Depends what sort of challenge your after I guess .

        1 year ago
    • DIRT RALL!!

        1 year ago


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