WRC 9 review: The best rally simulator?

WRC 9 is the latest official rally installment. Here's my video review, having played the Xbox One and PC versions ahead of the official release date.

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I had fond memories of RalliSport Challenge on the original Xbox. It made rallying fun, which is the basic quality I want from any game. Yet in a quest for THE ULTIMATE SIMULATION many newer games have strayed far from the path.


Looking back at RalliSport Challenge and then WRC 9, French studio Kylotonn's latest official installment in the long-running series, it's clear to see how far we have come when it comes to visuals.

Honestly, the visuals in WRC 9 look real on a 4K monitor with the elements pouring down on you. A far cry from the original Xbox's 3D efforts, which nowadays look hazy and low in detail.

But handling is king and luckily WRC 9 is back with improvements over WRC 8, which I delve into in the video review above. Not many admittedly, but what's been done makes it an even more satisfying rally title. Cars feel more alive and intuitive than ever. It's, spoiler alert, fun.

Undoubtedly, the YouTube comments will soon reference DiRT Rally 2.0 being the best rally simulator ever, unless you count Richard Burns Rally, but the simple fact is that WRC 9, more so than WRC 8, makes me want to keep playing.

WRC 9 is an impressive-looking game on PC but it can be nice on Xbox One too

WRC 9 is an impressive-looking game on PC but it can be nice on Xbox One too

By no means is it easy. It's just cars handle more like you would expect so the battle becomes pushing your luck as far as it can go, as opposed to being afraid to initiate any kind of oversteer for fear of never making it back round. As is the case in DiRT Rally 2.0.

It's nice we have such a wide choice of rally titles, especially as Codemasters has DiRT 5 coming soon for a more silly, arcadey fix with arena-building potential, but for me WRC 9 is the best one. Whether using a steering wheel or controller.

It's not a radical departure in many ways, as is the case for most annual update games like the F1 series, but what you do get content-wise goes a long way. And on that note, watch the video and maybe consider subscribing.

The WRC 9 release date is here for PC and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version will follow, most likely in November. PS5 and Xbox Series X support is also coming. PC gamers can buy it from the Epic Games store.

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