WRC i20 takes on a stock i30 N

We pit a World Rally Championship i20 against an i30 N that anyone on the street could go and buy!

One is a road car, one is a tried and tested championship rally car meant to take on the toughest courses the world can provide. So what better way to test out these Hyundai's than to pit them against each other head to head!

Thanks to the team at Hyundai, we got the chance to find out where these cars strengths and weaknesses (if any) lied by taking the two beasts out to Raleigh International Raceway. We constructed a rally-cross style course consisting of gravel, mud and tarmac to really give them a good work out.

Hayden Paddon stepped up to the plate to pilot both vehicles, we were lucky enough to join him to ride along as a passenger and give our own thoughts on the comparison.

The comparison shocked even Hayden, especially since the i20 is a purpose built stripped out race car and the other is an off the showroom floor consumer market vehicle!

For the full results, check out the video below!

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Comments (2)

  • Unfortunately placed. Switch between this and the Focus - same designers?!

      2 years ago
  • Cool to see the I30N being thrown around like that!

      2 years ago