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Wrecked $800 Mercedes is the perfect Gambler 500 car

Hammertown sure has some gems rolling around!

1w ago

The legendary off road event King of the Hammers was held recently. Of course automotive photographer Larry Chen was on the scene, but in "HammerTown" (the pop up town that literally pops up for the event) Chen snapped a pic of a car the internet made him get the details on.

According to Chen, he was roaming HammerTown, snapped a pic of this off road Mercedes and his fans slid into his DMs to force him to feature the vehicle to learn more about it. Owned by car enthusiast Bryce Ronsonet, the car is a sub-$800 Gambler 500 car with a 5 cylinder diesel engine that has its exhaust straight out the hood! For the rest of the details on this insane thing check out the video above!

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