Wrench will let you be a mechanic in glorious VR

43w ago


There are a lot of racing games for those who want to drive, but what if you prefer the mechanical side of things? Wrench could just be the thing for you.

Wrench only has two cars to work with at the time of writing, the Bauer LTD Catfish and the Exomotive Exocet, but the level of detail for both is absurd. Around 47 minutes of engine assembly has, for example, been condensed into the punchy trailer.

The premise is that you run a shop that looks after customer race cars, which means doing everything from changing fluids to replacing the engine's main bearings ─ a task you can do using a virtual reality headset or a traditional screen.

Sometimes your customers will need their car prepped before a weekend race, which is down to you, or improved using various officially licensed parts. If your business is doing well, you can hire additional mechanics to take on even more wrench-based work.

Developer Missing Digit is yet to say an exact release date, but the Wrench Early Access announcement trailer for the first proper version on Steam mentions the 'fall', which is autumn to non-Americans.

For learning how to build an engine, Wrench should be a genuinely useful tool. But we would imagine the learning curve will be relatively steep and the lack of racing will make it somewhat niche. Consider us intrigued.