Wrist check today

Pictured here is my beloved Casio G-Shock G-Lide, unique in the G world because no one bought these in blue. Not the only reason it is unique because this G-Lide will tell you tide and moon phases! It was made for surfers and beach bums of which I am neither, I just liked the colour! I've had this watch for 6 or 7 years and it has accompanied me on the football pitch, in the pool and anywhere else, nothing is quite as tough as a G-Shock for the money.

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Comments (12)

  • You can’t really kill a G-Shock even if you try

      14 days ago
    • For sure. When I worked my job in the restaurant industry, I would get raw chicken juice and beef juice all over my GA2000. Then when I would do dishes, I would rinsh that off with a good amount of soap scum. The thing works perfectly.

        13 days ago
    • Agree with you on that!

        13 days ago
  • Multiband 6 and Tough Solar, that’s the way to go.

      13 days ago
  • And on the left a lovely Alfa 147 GTA...

      13 days ago
    • Good eye Luca. I was trying to be cheeky with having my cars in the background 😅

        13 days ago