Writing a whole article without mentioning a certain new track car

    It's dominating the news, so I have tried finding some underlying and backseat news that deserves the spotlight.

    And guess what? I found some news! And it actually affects real people! I know this is a rare occasion seen as right now the headlines are all about the new Bugatti ******, which let's be real, is not in many of our sights, if any. This is why I'd like to discuss news on this:

    Don't be surprised if you can't see it because it's that small. Can't relate.

    Don't be surprised if you can't see it because it's that small. Can't relate.

    Isn't it just abominable. I actually challenge the lot of you to try and find a car that made a worse from concept to final product. This is what we wanted, well I wanted, but seen as I'm writing this it's we:

    Anyway I better actually get to the news sooner or later. So basically, after Citroen promised France the Ami for non-licence holding urban citizens across France, the world seemed to like the thinking. They also liked the thinking of the ALL NEW BUGATTI ******!!! And now, the neighbouring British public have decided they want in on the action, with media outlets like the Sun (who I know usually should be ignored for filling my feed with stupid celebrity crap) reporting a "huge desire" from members of the British public for the hideously ugly but slightly practical Ami to be utilised across the United Kingdom. And I see the idea, because many areas in the likes of London and Manchester do have preposterous 'problèmes de circulation'. Plus it's electric so that's another obvious upside.

    Now I know I have been minutely critical of the Ami since the real monstrosity came to light. But let us remember that I too love the ugly Suzuki Ignis, the new Nissan Juke and the future designs of the 2021 Prius (I had been keeping that one under tight wraps), so just because it looks a complete state doesn't mean I don't like it. Because actually, I think it's really cool. Now not quite as cool as the new Bugatti ******, but that's fine because I don't think the two cars are in a great level of competition at the moment anyway.

    The point is, it is a very efficient fighter of traffic and inner city pollution issues. Well actually not really the second yet but they're working on it. Plus getting them into Britain will be great news for me because the demand would very quickly hit Ireland as a result, and then the world is saved and that means Citroen will, in the interest of business and upholding a priceless reputation, hopefully update it after a while and then we can all have the AMI ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then that will be important news than the new Bugatti ******. And then I'll have to make an article without mentioning the Citroen *** because it's dominating the news. Cool cycle.

    And on that wonderful prospect, I leave you with goodbye.

    Thank you for reading, have an average day.

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