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On The Grand Tour Season 2 Mozambique mini-special, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May show what makes their chemistry unlike any others: the bond of hatred. Watch all episodes of The Grand Tour on PrimeVideo.com/GT

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  • As much as I laughed, I tried not to, I really feel sorry for him. he has a bad time with crashing, some funny and some serious, I mean I remember 2006... He's brave to keep going after so many accidents, maybe one day he will stop, but I love him and the passion and energy he has for his work and motors. He's my hero <3

      2 years ago
  • fair dues to Hamster Hammond he fall and get hurt, get back on the horse blew out his knee and still finshes the season fair dues to the man does not need the money at all.

      2 years ago
  • Fair play to the cheapo Indian bike Hammond had. It survived numerous drownings and crashes and still started and ran. BMW and KTM must be thinking how is it doing what our off road bikes are designed to do

      2 years ago
  • Hahaaa i can go in the middle 😂😂😂

      2 years ago
  • Can you imagine the bruises on Richard’s body when he was done filming 😵😵

      2 years ago
    • He didn’t really break his knee in the Hill climb crash. All the little micro fractures he got in this episode in his knee just finally exploded. Luckily he fell mostly in mud.

        2 years ago
    • That’s a great assessment! Lol 😂

        2 years ago


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