- The WSM L'Avventura ( Photo Credits : www.waltsiegl.com )

WSM L'Avventura: From Motard to Enduro

45w ago


Since its origins, the US company Walt Siegl Motorcycles has always been busy making coffee racers based on Italian super sports, but in 2017 the times were good for testing something new.

Engine detail ( Photo Credits : www.waltsiegl.com )

Thus was born the Adventure, a dual sport derived from the Ducati Hypermotard 1100. Unchanged from a mechanical point of view, the bike was completely reworked as regards the overall structure.

Detail of the exhaust system ( Photo Credits : www.waltsiegl.com )

The chassis is modified to accommodate specific suspension for off-road use and 21" front and 17" wheels at the rear.

Rear section ( Photo Credits : www.waltsiegl.com )

The boxed swingarm, the aluminium paramotor slide and the superstructures with the 25-litre tank were handcrafted while the braking system was supplied by Brembo.

Lightting system detail ( Photo Credits : www.waltsiegl.com )

Equipped with a steel exhaust system produced by SC Project and with a new fairing that integrates a lighting system with LED technology, the Adventure weighs just 156 kg.

Side section ( Photo Credits : www.altsiegl.com )

Built in a single model, it was particularly appreciated by the specialized press.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation


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