Wtcc-2017. more points and more cars

The points allocated to the Main Race of FIA World Touring Car Championship events will be increased for 2017 to recognise the greater value of this race in comparison to the Opening Race. Points will now be scored as follow:

- 1st: 30 points
- 2nd: 23
- 3rd: 19
- 4th: 16
- 5th: 13
- 6th: 10
- 7th: 7
- 8th: 4
- 9th: 2
- 10th: 1.

Points allocated for Opening Races remain unchanged.

From the 2017 season, TCN-2 cars will be incorporated into WTCC events, under the “WTCC 2” class; for which drivers’ and teams’ titles will be awarded. This should result in a significant expansion of the grid for FIA World Touring Car Championship events. (Source - FIA press-office)

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