As of late, I've started to have a thing for JZX of any sort. click through to see the full feature of two amazing mark 2's.

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As of late, I've started to have a thing for JZX of any sort. There's something about them being able to blend in with the regular cars here, but have the potential to have in excess of 300kw. So come Sunday after work, I headed to Jack's place to take some photos of his and Matt's Mark 2's. They are almost identical!

So we ventured down a few streets away from his, to a nice street that he knew of and thought would be a nice place to take a few pics. My pet hate is usually having trees in the backgrounds of my photos, but there was definitely something a lot nicer about this scenery as you'll see below. The only things that are different from the two visually is the paint (if you look close enough), the wheels and also Jack's headlights being off a luxury edition of a Mark 2 - probably some other things too that I don't know about.

What was meant to be a few quick pics turned it a full shoot, I couldn't stop admiring the two cars and taking photos. There is something about them being four door, practical but then again with a 1JZ under the hood putting out amazing power. Both cars have Vertex Aero all round, Powerfc ECU's, high flow turbos and 2 way diffs - literally almost identical to each other. Also a bit of effort has been put into suspension components of both, making them well setup drift cars.

When I first heard and saw Jack had put the 19 inch wheels on the car, I wasn't a fan one bit. But after seeing it in person, they started to grow on me real quick. They really suit the car and fill up the guards well. Definitely better than the typical wheels you usually see on these.

The interior of Jack's Mark 2 is seriously awesome, so many cool little things. The Bride bucket seat with custom Hit & Run stitching and the DMAX floor mats came straight from his old 180SX. (I'll attach a photo of it below)

Shooting his 180SX for features for both S-Chassis and Drift Life Magazine was how I first met him, way back last year in August taking a guess.

Took a few more photos of Jack's Mark 2, which you can click through and enjoy. I'm seriously obsessed and in love with these things, can not get over them! Then I moved on to take a few photos of the other Mark 2. This one is a Series 2 Mark 2 sitting on Work XT7's in chrome, which really set the car off.

I just wanted to thank everyone for the amazing feedback so far, and I hope you all enjoyed my first ever blog post here on Drive Tribe. I can 100% admit my writing skills aren't perfect, so please excuse that - i'll be practicing and practicing because I really enjoy doing this in my spare time. It gives me a place to post up more of my photos, instead of posting a photo or two after each shoot onto my Instagram and that's it. Until next time!

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