XPulse 200 finally gets some teeth

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When I reviewed the Xpusle 200 I said that it is “a compromise between a commuter, dual-sport, and an adventure tourer”, and it turns out Hero knew that they were designing a “compromise” because at the end of the day Hero’s bread and butter come from making commuter bikes.

That however changed this week when they unveiled the Rally Kit for the Xpulse that transforms the bike into a rally machine. And they have done it without a compromise, as the bike finally gets everything that it needs to be the best in off-road, and probably the cheapest one too.

This kit includes fully adjustable front and rear suspension, offering more travel and adding more ground clearance. When the bike is fully kitted out the ground clearance should reach 275 mm, and with the new seat the bike is significantly taller. It gets a 12-teeth front sprocket and 40-teeth rear sprocket for added grunt, new rally tyres for more traction, and a raised handlebar for better control while standing up.

The kit also removes unnecessary stuff (for rallying) such as indicators, pillion grab rails, mudguard among other things, which in turn make the bike illegal for road use. It will also get a custom exhaust system, although don’t expect it to be Akrapovic as that would probably skyrocket the price. This kit is mainly geared toward people who want to start off-roading, and I would expect the off-road community to have a field day with it, especially with the adjustable front suspension and 12/40T sprocket configuration. Hero also states that this bike will help develop young talents across the country.

No word on the pricing and the availability, but considering its Hero it should be widely available in India.

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