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21w ago


There was a time when the legendary Spanish riders such as Angel Nieto and Jorge Martinez dominated the 80cc category in the MotoGP riding their red-coloured Derbi.

Side section (Photo Credits : www.xtrpepo.blog )

To homage them and their bikes with their characteristic noise, the Spanish trainer Pepo Rosell, in 2016, decided to build a cafe racer that would appeal to the 80 cc class racing bikes.

Upper section (Photo Credits : www.xtrpepo.blog )

As a basis, a 1987 Derbi FDX50 was used, and the only original components left unchanged were the braking system and the fork, although the latter was however slightly lengthened.

Rear section (Photo Credits : www.xtrpepo.blog )

Everything has been modified starting with the rear axle, and later adapted to accommodate a pair of artisan shock absorbers instead of the original mono.

Detail of the engine (Photo Credits : www.xtrpepo.blog )

The front part of the frame has also been revised for functional reasons, with the 50 cc engine being replaced with a higher performance unit. Although thew new motorbike presented a Euro 3 engine, it was always two-stroke liquid-cooled; only re-engineered to reach a volume of 80 cc and equipped with new 24O OKO carburettor. Furthermore, just like on real racing bikes, a Selettra internal rotor ignition was installed.

Detail of the saddle (Photo Credits : www.xtrpepo.blog )

Rosell himself followed the entire process design and he included not only the aerodynamic hull in plexiglass of a racing Derbi RAN but also the front fender, the tank and the handmade rear seat.

Detail of the hull (Photo Credits : www.xtrpepo.blog )

Tested on the track, it could reach 158 km/h, confirming the solid resuls of the entire project.

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