- The XTR Pepo 48 Sport ( Photo Credits : www.megadeluxe.com )


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In the 60s, among the most renowned Ducati models, there was the 48 Sport: a motorcycle equipped with a 50 cc two-stroke engine managed by a three-speed transmission and able to guarantee the maximum speed of 80 km / h.

The original Ducati 48 Sport ( Photo Credits : www.coys.co.uk )

With the good sales numbers in the U.S.A. and the production under license in Spain, the bike attracted the attention of an Australian enthusiast who asked the Spanish Pepo Rosell, manager of XTR Pepo, to customize it as a racing bike.

Side section ( Photo Credits : www.megadeluxe.com )

The engine remained unchanged but the chassis was completely reworked to accommodate the new race single-seat aerodynamic saddle and to lower the handlebars.

Rear Section ( Photo Credits : www.megadeluxe.com )

The original suspensions replaced with models produced by Betor, similar to those used by the 250cc class. The front brake changed to a sports variant in magnesium instead, used on the vehicles of the 50cc class.

The engine ( Photo Credits : www.megadeluxe.com )

In addition to the number plates, a Jazen exhaust system derived from the Rieju 50 Supermotard and 17 "Morad alloy wheels wrapped in Dunlop sports tires.

Detail of the tires ( Photo Credits : www.megadeluxe.com )

However, the entire bike was sent completely dismantled to Australia, as a way to demonstrate the simplicity of re-assembly of the vehicle.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooperation

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  • It's the type of bike I hope will be raced in events with similar 50cc's check my photos to see compatible cycles great history thank you

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  • It seems so fragile o_o

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    • Just a little XD

      10 months ago
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    • Sorry just read your text when they fail easy to put back together almost everything out of my tool box sometimes as they say less is more the thrill of a 50cc's TT for me is just as...

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      9 months ago
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