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The name Yamaha has always been linked to motorcycles. Few people know there was a moment when the Japanese company considered making a sports car.

The OX 99-11 together with the Jordan 192 ( Photo Credits : http://www.italianedacorsa.it )

It was 1992 and for some time the Japanese factory supplied racing engines to various Formula 1 teams like Jordan and Brabham. Some engineers then thought of reusing the Jordan 192 engine to build a high-performance sports car.

The Jordan OX 99 Engine built by Yamaha ( Photo Credits : www.wikimediacommons.org )

The OX 99-11 was born and the production was tasked to British company Ypsilon Technology.

Technical brochure of OX 99-11 ( Photo Credits : www.pinimg.com )

Equipped with a carbon fibre body, sports suspension derived from the Brabham and a braking system consisting of four disc brakes, the OX 99-11 was powered by a 3.5 V12 engine.

The OX 99-11 engine ( Photo Credits : www.news.yamaha-motor.co.jp )

This engine, also fed by Jordan, was managed by a six-speed manual transmission and coupled to rear-wheel drive.

The interior of OX 99-11 ( Photo Credits : www.boitierrouge.com )

It was also able to reach the power of 400 hp with a torque of 390 Nm and guaranteed to the vehicle the maximum speed of 350 km/h. With its lightweight — just 1150 kg — it's no surprise that the car could read an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

Produced in just three units, it was never launched for mass production due to the period of economic stagnation in which the sports car industry was located.

OX 99-11 Test

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