Yammie noob had another big crash

Seriously, properly big.

4y ago

In case you haven't heard of this guy, he's a mildly popular YouTube Vlogger who calls himself 'Street Rossi'


Yeah. So moving on, Yammie Noob is no stranger to the back of an ambulance and this was his second big off in the space of six months. Fans started worrying after his YouTube channel went quiet, even though he regularly uploads three times a week at specific intervals.

The internet works fast. Someone got hold of the absolutely insane footage above and turned it into a meme. Too soon?

Seriously though - that crash looks almost unsurvivable. And yet...

That is one seriously lucky noob.

That is one seriously lucky noob.

If he's reading this, we hope he stops wrecking so many lovely bikes, takes the road riding a little steadier and stops stealing ideas for YouTube videos from us (yes, we noticed)

That's going to take some serious T-Cut to sort out.

That's going to take some serious T-Cut to sort out.

The absolute savages over at Reddit aren't holding back, but it's a good place to keep up with updates, as well as on Yammie Noob's Instagram. We hope he makes a full and swift recovery



So Yammie Noob is making a miraculous recovery, and has even got back to his regular activity of YouTubing, as well as working his full-time job. Unfortunately whilst he was recovering in hospital, various other YouTubers took the chance to kick him whilst he was down, spreading misinformation and downright lies.

You can see in the clip below, Yammie Noob has been waiting to make this video for a while to clear his name. We're not exactly fanboys of the guy, but it's good to see him debunking a few myths surrounding the accident. YouTubers are like fishwives at the best of times after all...

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Comments (2)

  • fuckin jesus I watch his channel I hope he recovers what a maniac XD

      4 years ago
  • Is this guy not a total moron? Don't know the complete circumstances but looks like he must of been on the wrong side of the road? Lol

      4 years ago