"Yeah, you win": Welham concedes defeat on Dacia

Breaking: DriveTribe's Dacia cult leader has just said he can't argue with the brand's hyped mediocrity anymore. Is this the end?

3w ago

If you haven't read Gabriel Ionica's article chronicling how Dacia became Romania's dear own car brand - loved because there was nothing else to love - but which, in modern times, has degenerated to be "little more than celebrated mediocrity", then I suggest you check it out here:

It's fantastically written, deeply passionate, and it finishes masterfully with the empirical claim that Dacia today may represent value - as the spiritless Corolla does - but is nothing to celebrate. It's a point all of us at the anti-Dacia movement have made, albeit less eloquently, and specifically to DriveTribe's most popular blockhead, Ben Welham. For reference, "celebrated mediocrity" wasn't a line native to Gabriel's missive.

Anyway, lo, in the comments-

Persuaded, or just bamboozled by fact? We don't know. This is me reaching him for comment. It doesn't matter though, at the end of the day - in our Dacia feud, I was never after reformation, I just wanted him to lose and sit down.

He's now had the grace to admit he has.

What to, from here? Perhaps this is the settling of Dacia to a more reasonable status on this world square of the petrolhead community - or, alternatively, we will see that more militant fringe of the Dacia enthusiasts oust Welham for the Dacia Owners Club leadership and take up the fight he's now bowed out of.

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  • A final point:

    There's a name for a brand that is predicated on that inherently anti-petrolhead attitude of 'just get me from A-B, I don't care'. There's a name for a brand that makes a concept sports car that looks half-tempting, but of course, never makes it.


      22 days ago
  • Okay, but

      22 days ago
  • Oh cock

      22 days ago
    • I understand he made good point, Ben, and I too admitted that, but I also got my point in there! Never concede! If you do, the John Colemans of the world win!

        22 days ago
    • But he has conceded and it's time to pack up and go home, Joseph. Go home.

        22 days ago
  • Reject Modern Dacia, embrace Dacia 1100

      22 days ago
  • You're still missing the biggest point of Dacia's whole existence, John. It's a brand new car for the price of a second-hand car and comes with the perks of a brand new car, like factory warranty, new tyres, new brakes, new filters, new liquids, no bumps and scratches, no rust, no wear and tear. It's not more expensive to insure and it offers more 21st century kit inside. Wireless CarPlay is something that even Kia, regarded as the greatest bang for the buck does not offer as of yet, just to make an example. Maybe we should call for to get a second hand car in this price range and settle that discussion once and for all. And again - it's not a cult for Dacia, it's just an insane value for money that you're understating. Come on don't take this laying down! I'm not bending the knee without a fight and so should you! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ#FightForDacia

      22 days ago