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4y ago

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  • That’s all right, I don’t seem to be getting notifications either. I’ll send you over my VIN when I get a chance—travelling at the moment.

      4 years ago
  • Sorry, I didn't get a notification about your reply Jack.

    The biggest criticism about the Megane III was the sound system - I am surprised to hear that a higher quality one was available in some form. I'd be curious to find out more about it... as you know, the head unit's shape is unique so it's not a simple task to replace. I might see if I can price one up... could you email me your VIN please?

      4 years ago
  • My pleasure! I agree the pre-facelift design was purer—I prefer it myself—and I had read that the Phase III didn’t have the bi-xenon headlights from an owner on a Mégane coupé forum. I believe there are two standard coupés in New Zealand, both the same colour, and mine is the manual one. As in Australia, the rest are all RSs. The badge is ‘I-Music’, which was a limited edition—basically a kitted-out Expression. Great sound system and some fancy trim bits, but I miss out on a leather steering wheel.

      4 years ago
  • Liquid Yellow is da bomb! Thanks for sharing Jack!

    Renault Australia only released 50 Phase II 265s in Liquid Yellow (the 8:08 Trophy edition, plus 2 evaluation models which were uniquely specced) but made it a readily available option for the facelifted Phase III. I still prefer the pre-facelift edition, not just because we have one, but IMO the styling seems more cohesive and the Phase III missed out on the bi-xenon headlights.

    Can't recall if I mentioned it already, but it's so unusual to see the standard coupe now. I think I have only seen a couple before, and they were in Europe when we were there for a 5 week trip in 2011. In fact one was the same colour as yours... might have even been yours LOL (don't have a pic, sorry)

    BTW, what's that badge on the rear pillar of your car?

      4 years ago