- Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

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An emerging artist in a new artform - A look at the work of a Virtual Photographer

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In my previous article, I touched on the growing hobby of virtual photography as a good means of escape and form of creativity. This has been exceptionally true in these recent times where the global situation has limited many people to the confines of their own country, state or living room. Our pandemic situation aside, this niche hobby has been ever-growing regardless and we are seeing amazing talent emerge as well as dedicated communities with many pages to exhibit such works.

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

For those who aren’t aware, many current video game titles offer dedicated “photo-modes” that allow the player to fly around and compose their ideal photos. Years ago, this originally started as just taking “screen-shots” and sharing favourite moments with likeminded people. Now developers have taken note of how popular this has become across all game genres and kitted out the players with powerful photographic tools in-game. Everything from depth of field/aperture, shutter speed, ISO to custom filters and effects.

In this article, I wanted to highlight a virtual artist I came across on Instagram, whose talents need to be shared with those who will appreciate them – the Drivetribe Family!

Meet Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @yepcars – Mr. Rodriguez is from north-west Spain and has been into cars since a young lad. He tells me he can still remember the moment he become infatuated with the automotive world, he was 4 years old and received a toy Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole.

Although not having a background in real-world photography, his compositions (designed to suit Instagram ratios), lighting, locations, camera settings, depth of field and car choices are top notch. Ivan first began experimenting in the virtual work back in 2013, building up his technique and style. It was then in 2018 that he started editing the images and putting them through a post-process in Lightroom Classic. Today, the years of practice in the world of polygons is evident and Mr. Rodriguez produces a professional looking finished image, many times a week – his output is amazing.

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

One of the benefits of the virtual world and some of the amazing functions of recently (past 5 years) released video games, is the ability to choose almost any car. I asked Ivan how he goes about choosing a car and he said “I just choose the car I like in the moment”. As a real-world photographer, imagine having this smorgasbord of dream cars available and choosing the one that get the most juices flowing on the day! Ivan doesn’t often modify the chosen subject, other than the rims he likes and the paint colour.

When inquiring about his workflow, Ivan mentioned it changes a little bit. Sometimes he decides on the location, then chooses the car to suit and other times it is the opposite. Thinking about the shot is a very fluid creative process and he just does what feels right at the time. Although constantly thinking of new ideas and settings, much of it is done on improvisation and feel. Once he has a selection of images he likes and feels are good enough to publish and are not repetitive, the post-production starts. The start to finish process is generally around 15 to 20 minutes for the shoot and about an hour of editing for the finished image. Posting the images is not very time consuming but answering comments, creating stories and general management of the social media presence eats up a fair bit more.

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

Obviously, an artist draws upon inspiration from various areas of their lives and other creative sources. I asked Ivan who are some of his favourite Real-World photographers currently on Instagram. Some of these names I also look up to (I was stoked to hear @card._1 made the list too 😊)





Also, to mention a few of his favourite virtual photographers:





Yepcars favourite motorsport disciplines are GT, Super GT , old Group C and he tries to follow F1 today because of the Spaniards. He explores almost every genre of sports-purpose automobiles in his photography too- you find Porsche, Mercedes, Fiat, Ferrari, BMW, Nissan, Mazda, Lancia… But he holds the Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670 4 SV in a very special place! While drool-worthy, hyper cars can seem almost unattainable to most, I asked him, if he had a spare €50,000 what would he purchase? – “With €50,000 Euro I would buy the Golf R, Audi RS3, Focus RS Performance or Megane RS Trophy”. Once behind the wheel, either Nordschleife or Spa would be the place he puts the pedal to the metal.

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

Image captured by Ivan Miguez Rodriguez of @Yepcars

I hope this article was a bit of an eye-opener or even a bit of eye-candy for you all! I would also like to give a big shoutout and thanks to Yepcars for giving us the images to use in this publication as well as his time!

Check out more of his work at @Yepcars on Instagram

He also like ribeye with potatoes and peppers…

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  • Thank you for the feedback on the article and Ivan has a really great eye doesn't he! I also really like Forza Horizon but it looks like Gran Turismo have really nailed the photo mode. I play these a lot less these past couple of years

      2 days ago
  • Great article and pictures, what games do you prefer? I stick to Forza horizon as it runs best on my Xbox but am curious of other good titles

      2 days ago