Yes, the new 4 series is ugly, but would that stop you?

What are you going to do, buy an Audi?

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The next-generation BMW 4 Series has not yet been revealed in full production-spec, but we all know what it’s going to look like. BMW says their bold new styling direction is influenced by Chinese and American consumer tastes, but even they seem shy to admit they like the new coupe.

I think that it’s a shame, on the 7 series it made sense to me because a big executive is all about presence, bigger is better. That’s why SUVs are set to become this decade's full-size luxury car of choice.

But on a coupe? Coupes are all about styling, they should look sexy. They should catch your eye as they drive past, and they should always make their owner look back as they walk away.

Does this mean that all is lost for the G22 4-series? I don’t think so. The 3 series coupe and 4 series have always occupied a sweet spot in the market. It’s a sports car that you could live with every day. It has four reasonably sized seats, a large boot and a range of powerful, yet efficient engines.

Its rivals, the Mercedes C Class Coupe is a bit soft, and the rear end has never looked quite right to me. The Audi A5 is an incredible looking car, an example of how to do the big grill correctly, but it’s not really a sports car.

It's not all bad

It's not all bad

You could argue that the 4 series isn’t a sports car, but the F32 weighed about the same as a Porsche 911, and BMW are held high in the minds of enthusiasts as cars with direct handling and a sweet balance. I know automotive categories are blurred lines, but what more could you want?

In the end, the next generation 4 series is going to be an all-round package, an affordable sports car, which you can use easily every day.

I’m sure we’ll get over the looks eventually, a number plate will partially cover up the grill, and failing that I’m sure someone will design a totally new bumper before you can say ‘Buck-Tooth’.

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Comments (18)

  • BMW lost their way years ago with the 7 series styling and now it’s just filtered down through the rest of the models.

      2 months ago
  • Okay no hate guys, but the new BMW 4 Series is stunning. It’s not beautiful, but definitely striking! Also, I don’t know where the egotistical BMW driver stereotype comes from but in the UK most people are very good drivers - i dont think they have a bad reputation here.

    Nowadays, if you want an unnecessarily flashy car - buy an Audi!

      2 months ago
  • I don’t care if BMW’s are great driving cars , l could never drive a car that is the staple vehicle of so many ego maniac douchbags . I’ve been driving for over 45 years and one of the most consistent quality of German car drivers and in particular BMW drivers is their sense of entitlement on the road. Recently a Merc driver in my area was clocked at 191 mph on a local highway. Sorry to all the good people driving said cars and l know there’s lots , your brethren by and large think the road is only for them. IMHO.

      2 months ago
    • In my corner of the world, we say that BMWs are a diagnoze rather than a statement of a keen driver.

      It's a shame really because there are great big Bimmers that are really elegant distinctive machines (F10, E38, E39...) but BMW drivers that...

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • I think they should just slap the new G20 3-series front fascia on the G22. THat's what they did for the previous generation, and the new 3-series looks quite nice. The back of the G22 concept is simply stunning, though.

      2 months ago
    • I think tuners will do this pretty quickly. They did the same with the 1 series, they put 2 series front ends on

        2 months ago
  • BMW was trying to dodge the truth, this styling direction is totally driven by the Chinese market, not the American one.

    And yes, it would stop me. The nose is absolutely hideous with that overwrought grill, and they lost the Hofmeister kink.

      2 months ago