Yes, this is an actual wristwatch

One of the craziest and (most expensive) Swatches ever

There used to be an amazing directory, kinda like an archive, on the Swatch website with every single Swatch model ever made since 1983. Unfortunately, for reasons that I'm not sure I understand, the Swatch Finder page is no longer there, which means I can't give you some of the info I wanted to give you.

My point is, Swatch has introduced anywhere between 150 and 250 new models every year for the last 38 years, including special edition models and other watches are completely off the hook. That's the case here. It's called the Dodecahedron Collision (SUOZ144S), a tribute to London designer Fred Butler.

From a technical perspective, the Dodecahedron is nothing special, just a quartz watch made from plastic, but it is a collectible item that people might appreciate, especially for people who are into watches and also love fashion.

Only 777 units were made and the watch can be had on eBay for around $1k.

Would you wear it?

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