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Yes, you can totally mod electric cars

Matt Farah and Hagerty walk us through Unplugged Performance's corner-carving beast of a Tesla Model 3 Performance.

9w ago

In an era where companies consistently bump into the limits of technology, it's sometimes better to start attacking those weird niches than try to be the next ground-breaking thing. However, in strange twists of fate, appealing to those few and far between might actually be what thrusts you into automotive stardom. In an episode of Hagerty's "Modified" hosted by Matt Farah, Tesla tuner, Unplugged Performance, might prove just that with their expertise in doing the unthinkable: tuning electric cars.

Since 2013, Unplugged Performance has made a name in the game no one ever thought would be played. They currently offer an extensive suite of chassis parts and complete packages for just about every Tesla on sale and have tested the limits of their engineering through the crucible of motorsports. Hell, just check out their wicked Pikes Peak car and its insane run to the clouds. They even reportedly host track days for Tesla owners to raise awareness for EV performance and allow them to test their might.

As explained in the video, the idea of a modified Tesla is definitely an obscure proposition, one that even I wouldn't have imagined being something anyone would want. By the looks of a busy shop and detailed media coverage, however, it seems as though the demand is truly there for those possibly migrating from sport sedans and not wanting to sacrifice capability when the urge to drop the hammer strikes hard. That means upgraded cooling, adjustable suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes fit for a Ferrari, and Big Bertha wheel/tire setups. You know, the usual criteria for the average electric car shopper.

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Comments (56)

  • You can mod any car. An ICE car to me will always be more fun, analogue and full of raw passion than an EV though whether being modded or not, so I wouldn't bother. I would only ever buy an EV as a daily drive, not a car to enjoy as a driver (which is the type of car I'd mod) because of that lack of passion. They're objectively very good and will soon be superior in every area (bar emissions) to the ICE, but they will never be as fun to drive because of that lack in soul.

      2 months ago
    • In return for your absurd one-size-fits-all soul commentary, I will offer an absurd comparison: my ICE Nissan Sentra was crappy and un-soulful and inferior in every way, save one, to my lovely BMW i3 EV.

      My EV is plucky and charming and I can...

      Read more
        2 months ago
    • In return to that, I give you the definition of opinion: www.thefreedictionary.com/opinion

        2 months ago
  • Modifying electric cars is pointless. Adding more weight only compromises the range and while it may look good, it will still sound shit. Roll on all the car shows of the future, when all we will look at is body kits and wheels, talk about software upgrades , range and motors. How boring.

      2 months ago
  • It just isn't the same, yes you can modify suspension and stuff but it's near impossible to upgrade the motor

      2 months ago
    • 2 months ago
  • Not to be the bearer of pessimism. But with an ev there isn't enough physical variables to change. Everyone has the same power you won't be able to tell your friends what power adding parts you have vs theirs and how you implemented yours differently for a different effect. Every Tesla will behave the same unless you fuck with software which for now at least is boring and doesn't really get u in that project car vibes. Two rx7 can drive different based on tunes and different parts they have to deliver power. Every ev is the same.

      2 months ago