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Yet another concept car everyone forgot

Every article I read is about a forgotten concept car. I'm going to add to that now ; )

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How many concept cars have you discovered from Drivetribe? Or at least seen articles about? I've noticed a lot of these sort of things and they seem to be really popular and I do find them interesting, its just that not all of them are particularly unique.

So what's 'unique' about this one then?

Nothing. I just got this as a test result and it suggested that I go do some research on it and this is the fruit of my labours.

Ok then, what is it?

Its a Ferrari called the Mythos, a concept based on the underpinnings of the Testarossa so it had the same 4.9 litre flat 12. First appearing at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989, it still managed to be almost 500kg lighter than the car it was based on!

Despite the fact it was 6 years older than it, the Mythos basically ended up being the F50 as well.

Well how fast can it go?



If you need more info, then fine. As you may expect, the top speed is no different to the TR, so weight doesn't matter too much it would seem, a theory helped by the fact that it was somehow...um...a second slower to 62mph.

Ferrari Testarossa. Better when heavier.

Ferrari Testarossa. Better when heavier.

Why is it so damn sexy?


Stop answering with one word

But they work as answers

Elaborate now!


"This prototype barchetta based on Ferrari Testarossa mechanicals, is a totally rounded sculptural modelling with a perfect balance between aesthetic and technical rationality." Pinninfarina on the styling.

The lack of a roof or side windows, as well as the fact it was shortened by 6 inches and widened by 5 inches, while also being 3 inches closer to the ground gives it the best and most beautiful of proportions.

Rear of the year? Yes.

Rear of the year? Yes.

What happened to it?

As with most super limited edition cars, the Sultan of Brunei bought 2, one in red, one in a shade of blue. These were the only 2 ever made and the only time you may or may have seen one is at an extremely posh car show.

I'm sure I'm recognise it but I don't go to posh car shows

It made a fleeting cameo appearance in the 80s video game Test Drive III. Other than that, I couldn't help you. Maybe you got the same test result as me!

So that's it

A short, concise history of yet another concept that never made it into proper production and will never affect you in your life. What would you do without me giving you useless articles?

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  • yet another trabant.

      1 month ago
    • What?

        1 month ago
    • the fact it's one second slower to 60 than a 512tr even though it has many advantages.

        1 month ago
  • Still my favorite forgotten concept.

      1 month ago
  • Strong hints of Cizeta or was it the other way round?

      1 month ago
    • I think the Cizeta is more recent so I'm gonna guess the other way around

        1 month ago