Yet another electric SUV is to be unveiled next year!

Yet another electric SUV is to be unveiled next year!

3w ago


Recently, Honda revealed a new model to add to their line-up and it's this. The Honda SUV e-concept. Sure it's just a concept at the moment but honda said when they showcased it a the Bejing Motor Show, that it will be a mass-production SUV in the future. It will first be released in China and possibly in Europe later on...maybe.

Honda showcased the 'e' electric hatchback earlier this year but it is not sold in China so this will probably be their equivalent. Similar to the Honda e, this SUV variant will likely feature a similar powertrain so that would be a single electric motor that produces only around 151bhp.

One downside to the E was the very low range that was 125miles but Honda say that this new car's new range is likely to be around the 300 miles mark. Miles better than the small city car. Also, as with all new concept cars, the Honda SUV e-concept will come with plenty of equipment and safety features such as artificial intelligence, phone pairing and a Tesla-like feature of over-the-air updates. It may also include a similar interior set-up to the E with the large variety of screens and camera door mirrors. However, Honda hasn't said anything yet.

Honda E interior

Honda E interior

There has been no release date of this car yet but it may be unveiled sometime next year.

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Comments (7)

  • I like screens as evidenced by my e-class with two spectacular 12.4” screens however I always wondered what it would look like if it stretched across the dash.

    This is it and I don’t like it, it would be too distracting and you’d probably get a headache looking at this many screens including each screen for the camera wing mirrors.

      22 days ago
    • I agree. I like the two screens on new Mercedes models but this is just over the top.

        22 days ago
  • Dang,it's got those huge screens,which I guess,have ruined the E's interior

      22 days ago
  • Oh, another SUV, electric and wide screen this time...


      22 days ago
  • I just hope this comes here to the US...

      21 days ago


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