Yet another watch you can hardly tell the time on (and I love it)

Meet the M.A.D. Edition x MB&F

This is becoming a bit of a series. "Watches you can't tell the time on". Some love it, some hate it. I stand in between. I too, like many people, believe that even though timepieces are essentially outdated as a way of telling of time, it is still important that you can actually read the time at a glance but at the same time I just love watch design and if I see some aesthetic merits in the watch, I don't necessarily care.

The latest addition to the 'watches you can't tell the time on' series is made by M.A.D. (Mechanical Art Devices), an art gallery created by MB&F, a Swiss watch maker founded in 2005 by Maximilian BΓΌsser. It's called the M.A.D. Edition and it is the first wristwatch to bear the name 'M.A.D.' because ordinarily that's used for installations and/or clocks, while MB&F creates the watches.

MB&F timepieces normally cost north of €50,000 but this is priced at 'just' CHF 1,900+VAT. And I love the strap. So how do you tell the time? By looking at it from the side. The 42 stainless steel case houses a ('reversely-mounted') Miyota-sourced (821A) automatic-winding movement with 21 jewels and 42 hours of power reserve. It features a domed domed sapphire, revealing a triple-blade rotor and mineral crystal to reveal the lateral hour and minute indications.

I know that the 'lateral time indication' idea sounds a bit odd but if you think about it, it means you can tell the time without having to look at the watch, when you're driving or when your typing stuff on your laptop, like I'm doing now. It's a bit M.A.D., innit? (Sorry, couldn't resist).

And I've got another question: would you wear it?

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Comments (11)

  • Yet another watch you can hardly tell the time on @tribe

      2 months ago
  • Crikey! I've never seen anything like that! πŸ‘€Looks really mad πŸ˜…

      2 months ago
  • you have watches that approach jewelry. This is essentially jewelry that approaches a watch.

    I guess, nothing's wrong with that to the exact degree that you want to wear jewelry in the first place.

      2 months ago
  • It is a stupid watch, but a beautiful piece of attire. They look gorgeous

      2 months ago
  • Tell me is it just me who thinks that a watch is something that tells you the time were ever you are. All this other time wrist things that some one who is very low and needs and can’t live with out all the attention of all a round them. With short sleeves shirt so you can see this thing on they wrist. I kind you not l have seen them ask others what time it is or looks at they phone.

      2 months ago