Yorkshire Back Road Driving

Yesterday morning there was a Cars and Coffee event at a local detailers, with the early start it seemed an ideal opportunity to take my Maserati Ghibli S around some of the local backroads.

The car did start out clean but, ironically given the location of the event, was covered in muck by the time I arrived. One the of problems with having a black car is that every speck of dirt shows.

The location also provides car storage and some of the customer cars were on show, including a 599GTB and an Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior.

As well as car storage they also have a few cars for sale.

The 456GTA looked lovely. It's one of my bucket list cars, if only I had the money. The Mini is for sale at quite a price but its a 1967 Mini Cooper Mk1 with a stage 5 engine, so probably worth it.

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