Yorkshire Police hunting serial speed camera wheelie-ist

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4y ago

South Yorkshire police are hunting a Honda CRF rider who they say is responsible for 45 wheelies past speed cameras since May this year. The speeds involved have been between 50-80mph around Stocksbridge and Sheffield.

It's good to see they're putting the police resources where needed, instead of pursuing the 1100 motorcycle thefts in Leeds & Bradford alone last year...

From South Yorkshire police:

APPEAL: Do you recognise this motorcyclist?

Can you help officers identify the rider of this motorbike whose driving has been reported more than 45 times since May this year?

The motorbike, which is believed to be a Honda CRF, has activated a number of cameras across Sheffield where the rider can be seen doing wheelies at speeds between 50 and 80mph.

The key areas where the bike has been seen include the A616 Stocksbridge bypass, the A6135 around Chapeltown and the A61 in the north of Sheffield.

Officers have attempted to pursue the rider and a number of tactics have been used to try and stop the rider..

They are now asking members of the public to help identify the rider in a bid to prevent further dangerous driving.

Do you recognise the rider? Can you help officers identify them?

Anyone with information is asked to contact info@safetycamera.org

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Comments (4)

  • Did i read that the same force has 1100 uninvestigated motorcycle thefts but they rather find this guy? Someone tell me plse.

      4 years ago
  • Nice one, keep up the good work, which is more than can be said about the Police..... Waste of public money

      4 years ago
  • Fucking awesome!

      4 years ago
  • Catch bike thieves, not speeders... but that would mean filling in paper work and having to get off your lazy backside and do some proper policing... I TOLD YOU WHERE MINE WAS AND YOU DID NOTHING! FCUK YOU. Yes, I'm a tad bitter about it...

      4 years ago