- Credits: romans international

You can be the owner of this Beautiful 918

This might be the most beautiful 918 specifications out there.

A lot of people dream of owning a hypercar, a limited, flashy an ultra fast car. The 918 is Porsche's hypercar from 2013 which forms the holy trinity together with the Mclaren P1 and Ferrari Laferarri. The 918 is from itself a really special car but this one for sale at Romans International is another step up.

This Porsche 918 is a lot more special than all the other ones out there not only has it the weissach package that only 25% of all the 918 Porsche 918's were equipped with but it's also painted in this beautiful Midnight Blue Metallic (PTS) Paint with a matching Bespoke Interior. It has all the options possible.

Credits: romans international

Credits: romans international

This 2015 Porsche 918 only has 2,289 miles driven on its 4,6L V8. The v8 is producing an incredible 887 hp and 944 lb of torque. It has an 0 - 62 mph time of only 2,5 seconds and the top speed is a staggering 214 miles per hour. The Naturally aspirated v8 is assisted by two electric motors which makes the car a hybrid all the power the engine makes is sent to all four wheels. The gearbox is a 7-Speed Porsche Doppelkupplung also known as PDK.

Credits: romans international

Credits: romans international

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Comments (9)

  • So much better than the silver one on sale

      28 days ago
  • I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      28 days ago
  • It is absolutely beautiful.

    And I could be the owner of it, only if I was rich enough

      28 days ago
  • It’s beautiful. The 918 is just an incredible car, i absolutely adore it.

    It’s part of my perfect 3 car garage.

      26 days ago
  • NY Yankees fan would be perfect buyer... nice cup holder too.

      27 days ago