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You can buy this exceptionally rare Chevrolet Corvette Callaway SledgeHammer

It has a top speed of 255 mph!

10w ago

In the ranks of atypical cars, this Chevrolet Corvette Callaway SledgeHammer would rank high. Currently for sale on Bring a Trailer, the model here was ordered new from Chevrolet in 1988 and then sent to Callaway Engineering for extensive modifications.

The muscle car received a twin-turbocharged 5.7-litre V8 producing 880 PS and 1,047 Nm of torque, both figures well above those on the original model's specification sheet. This power is sent to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission. In October 1988, the car reached a record speed of 254.76 mph (408.77 kph).

To achieve such a speed, the Corvette C4's aerodynamics were heavily modified. For example, the front end has been redesigned with four small air intakes and the rear end has been completely transformed. The 17-inch Goodyear Eagle tyres are not the same as those used for the speed record.

Electronically Bilstein shocks are also used. The interior has leather bucket seats with harnesses, air conditioning, a cassette radio, electric windows and a roll hoop. This Chevrolet Corvette Callaway SledgeHammer has just over 2,000 mi (3,200 km) on the clock.

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Comments (5)

  • i love the sledgehammer! 7/10 i have it in project gotham racing 3 and it's fast as f*ck except it's a nightmare to drive: wheelspins everywhere, understeers and oversteers sometimes , hard to drive if you floor it.

      2 months ago
  • I remember when this came out. All us car kids were freaking out over it. 255 is a mighty large number. This was the Mack daddy of hot cars. Nothing could hold a stick to this monster for a long LONG time.

    What's also fun about this car is the plumbing for the turbos. It runs the entire length of the car and back! Some serious engineering went into this beast. I hope whoever buys it drives the ever loving snot out of it - like it was designed for.

      2 months ago