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17w ago

Expecting an exciting model to fall in your lap is the dream when it comes to barn finds. But what about 36 models? All brimmed with history, massive style and an enormous enthusiast crowd ready to kill for one. However, why resort to killing when you can get yourself one for as low as $3.

A 36-unit strong contingent of ‘Lost Corvettes’, formerly known as the Peter Max collection, is being given away to raise money for charity. People can participate by donating as little as $3 and have themselves a chance to get one of these classic Corvettes, comprising the muscle car models from 1953 to 1989 guises.

Pop artist Peter Max originally purchased the collection from the winner of a VH1 giveaway contest in 1989. Max’s idea was to convert each car into a unique art piece. But sadly, that’s not how it panned out, and the cars were left neglected in a series of New York City parking garages.

Fortunately, these garage owners, the Spindler and Heller families, joined hands with Corvette enthusiast Chris Mazzilli to buy the entire collection and form the ‘Corvette Heroes’. All the cars were restored to their original glory, and the group collectively decided to offer the same to fellow Americans at random via a national raffle that would ultimately benefit the war veterans.

Currently, only a small crop of cars out of the initial 36-strong lot remains. The Veterans Day ceremony at NYC saw the first batch of 10 cars being given away, followed by a group of six Corvettes giveaways at the pre-Memorial Day ceremony. The third batch of six units was presented to raffle winners at the Chicago Auto Show held in July, with the fourth batch scheduled to be awarded at the ongoing Motor Bella auto show in Detroit. The remaining cars will be sold in the forthcoming events by the end of the year.

All the proceeds shall be directed towards Stand for the Troops, a non-profit that is “dedicated to safeguarding the physical and emotional well-being of America’s military personnel.” You can donate your desired amount here.

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