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You can now buy a house to match your Aston Martin DBX

Featuring an 'auto lounge' this mansion is a dream house for any petrolhead

43w ago

With production finally starting on the new Aston Martin DBX SUV, the company has announced a partnership that is sure to create some interest across the pond.

Representing their first foray into the property market, Aston Martin has partnered with luxury architects S3 Architecture to offer a matching mansion for one ultra-wealthy DBX customer.

Forming part of the new Sylvan Rock private residential development in New York, the house is located on a 55-acre wooded plot in Rhinebeck, NY. According to the design team behind the mansion, the building sets "new standards for a rural retreat, blending craft, health and wellness, multi-functional 'pods' and sustainability with the true luxury of space, privacy, and self-contained living."

The blackened cedar exterior facade strikes an imposing presence as you approach the house, while the floor-to-ceiling glass floods the building with natural light and creates a minimalistic, modern appearance. Totaling up to nearly 6000 sq ft, the mansion also features a pool house, treehouse, and a further three guest houses on its land.

Aston Martin hasn't forgotten about us petrolheads either. The mansion includes a three-car garage dubbed the 'Auto Lounge' allowing you to sit in front of a roaring fire in the winter months, kick back, and enjoy the stunning design of your car collection.

The driveway itself is also mightily impressive, with 2000ft of sweeping driveway leading up to the house itself. Every piece of wood, leather, and metal used in the house has been lovingly crafted by Aston Martin, and have been designed to resemble features of its best-selling cars, meaning you're never far away from a piece of iconic automotive design.

Given that this stunning mansion costs a whopping $7.7 million, it's unlikely to be in reach of the average Aston Martin buyer. For that one lucky customer, however, it will be the house of dreams.

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Comments (7)

  • I dunno...the angled exterior doesn't seem "Aston" to me. It's a bit more "Lambo" than anything really. But then it got a light colored interior and that is just the opposite of Lambo. Hm...probably a Aventador Roadster with cream interior matches the house?

      9 months ago
  • if the house will be as ugly as the DBX i prefere living under a bridge

      9 months ago
  • Too much glass. Wouldn't take long before my six year old would have covered it in finger prints. I do like the size of the garage but if I had that sort of space it'd be a workshop aswell as a place to keep cars.

      9 months ago
  • I don't like modern-edgy designs,and I feel something more traditional would fit with an Aston Martin.

      9 months ago
  • Got to be a right cunt to buy a house to match your car.

    We all know that is what caravanners do.

      9 months ago