You can now buy car-inspired engagement rings...

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3w ago

Thinking of proposing to your partner? How about getting them a car-inspired engagement ring. These have been designed to take inspiration from popular car models such as the Mini Cooper, Ford Fiesta and Lamborghini Huracán.

Materials from scrapped catalytic converters have been recycled and used in standard wedding and engagement rings for years, so why not make them a little more interesting with the addition of a theme?

The service aims to help car lovers create bespoke designs mirroring the aesthetics of the motors they love. Each ring can be personalised to your liking so that it features certain design elements from your chosen car such as the wheel from a Mini Cooper or the Ford Fiesta's headlight design.

Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison said: “On a daily basis we meet customers that are gutted to be saying goodbye to their cars, and leave the scrap yard wishing they could take a piece of it with them. As parts of modern scrapped cars are recycled and used in wedding and engagement rings already, it made perfect sense to us to take this interesting aspect of scrappage a step further, and give customers the chance to create the most romantic memento of their favourite motor.

"It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but cars are a very big part of some people’s lives, and even their relationships, so we’re excited to offer the new service and make some happy moments even happier!”

It's a truly different way to go about selecting your engagement ring, but it's quirky and that's the sort of thing we like here on DriveTribe.

If you're interested in checking this service out, then head over to Scrap Car Comparison's website for more details.

Would you buy one for your partner?

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  • There’s only one problem….. It’s impossible to find a Partner as a car enthusiast 😅

      27 days ago
  • "Will you be my 2009 Honda Civic wife?"

      25 days ago
  • I need this for my engagement ceremony lol

      24 days ago
  • Well, im not with anyone(wont be for a while in my guess) but I would if I could.

      26 days ago
  • No thanks

      25 days ago