You can now buy your new Lamborghini with Bitcoin!

One US-based dealer has confirmed they will take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment

2w ago

Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you'll have seen the news reports that the web-based cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been enjoying a ridiculously large surge in value at the moment, prompting many of us to smack our heads for not investing back in 2009/10.

Well, it is enjoying such a run, that various shops, stores and outlets are now accepting Bitcoin as a valid form of payment, including Lamborghini of Newport Beach, California.

You can now purchase your next supercar with various cryptocurrencies

You can now purchase your next supercar with various cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that they are now accepting, however, it may be best that you call to confirm which currencies are valid, before making a purchase.

Despite the news, this isn't the first time that this particular dealership has accepted crypto as payments, as back in 2013 the same dealership accepted Bitcoin as payment for a Tesla Model S.

Despite that, this is the first time the dealership has openly advertised that is it accepting this alternative method of payment. It is certainly interesting, however, given the volatility of the coin - while it has enjoyed an extended bull run recently, it has also had some big crashes, meaning the dealership could well find themselves out of pocket if they don't time their transactions right.

Could this be the start of a new wave of Bitcoin being accepted as a currency? Or is this just a way for Lamborghini Newport Beach to jump on a trend? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Comments (8)

  • One of two possible outcomes:

    1. Bitcoin surges and the buyer using Bitcoin starts crying.

    2. Bitcoin tanks and buyer is laughing and the dealer is crying.

    I’m surprised at the dealer and suspect they’ll markup the price of the Lamborghinis if payment is by Bitcoin as this is a risky strategy.

      12 days ago
    • Yup,i was thinking that as well,it just doesn't seem feasible

        11 days ago
    • The only way this would work is if the dealer sold the Bitcoin on the buyers behalf, this they’d only do with commission and then the proceeds to purchase the Lamborghini. For the buyer then there is absolutely no point and the dealer is...

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        11 days ago
  • I'd assume they have pretty good margins on those cars then

      9 days ago
  • While currency is fundamentally based upon trust, it is backed by a whole country. There's something tangible there no matter how terrible the exchange rate drops to. Bitcoin enjoys none of this. It relies purely on trust with bugger all behind it. It consists of a memory which adds a new bit to itself every time it changes ownership (or something along those lines). Anything that exists entirely as a computer program/software, can be hacked and faked. I doubt that it is easy, but once done, unlike forged currency, it cannot be identified as such. The technology that runs bitcoin is probably a starting point for translating real value into a transactable trust-unit for the future, but as it stands, it looks awfully like the Emperor's New Clothes.

      11 days ago
  • They have been accepting bitcoin for years. There is a video with the Korean dude on vinwiki who bought a Lambo with bitcoin back in 2017 from this dealer. I think the dealer is doing it for marketing reasons. The volitility is irrelvent when you own sling the odd one here n there.

      12 days ago
  • ok

      13 days ago