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You can now buy your very own DeltaWing racecar

The DeltaWing was a very triangular oddity of a racecar with only three examples ever built, now one of them can be yours

3y ago

The DeltaWing coupe was built as a dedicated racecar by Panoz; it’s something of an oddball of a racecar with its narrowed front wheel track and Batman-inspired looking styling. At the front the track measures in at just 0.6 metres with a rear track of 1.7 metres. The styling was designed to reduce aerodynamic drag with downforce being generated by a twin-vortex underbody system, thus eliminating the need for traditional front and rear spoilers to push the car into the ground at speed.

Originally designed by Ben Bowlby as a next–generation IndyCar. The radical winged triangular design was pitched to the bods at IndyCar who promptly passed on it. This left Panoz clear to license the intellectual property for the DeltaWing from its owner Chip Ganassi, and DeltaWing racing was born.

Nissan signed on to sponsor the DeltaWing racing program which famously ended in a lawsuit late 2013. This came after Nissan revealed the very similar BladeGlider concept shortly after ending its partnership with Panoz. Afterwards, The pairing quickly became the very worst of friends with Panoz alleging that Nissan had copied their intellectual property and poached the DeltaWing’s original designer to work on their own projects. The lawsuit was settled out of court confidentially in March 2016.

Now, of the three prototype racecars built chassis 001 can be yours. Of the three examples, chassis 002 was destroyed in the 2016 Daytona Rolex 24hr race. Chassis 003 now resides in the Panoz Museum collection, leaving this first example for sale.

Chassis 001 has competed in the P1 Class in the ALMS Series and in the P2 IMSA Class. Gone is the Nissan livery, with the car being wrapped in full “God Bless America” livery because ‘Murica’ with power coming from a 2.0L Mazda MZR-based engine produced by Élan Motorsport Technologies pumping out 350 bhp and 270lb-ft of torque.

The price for all this triangular racing greatness? Just $375,000 including what’s described as a ‘large’ amount of spare parts and track support from the Panoz crew for new owners first race.

The listing for this DeltaWing can be found here.

The one thing I really want to know is, who amongst you is brave enough to buy this and put numberplates on it? As that would be truly amazing.

Is the DeltaWing the racecar of your dreams? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments (4)

  • Here's a picture I took of it on the grid at Virginia International Raceway waiting for the start of the 2013 ALMS race there.

      3 years ago
    • Very cool, I’ve always liked the deltawing, awesome looking thing

        3 years ago
    • I liked it too. Watching it go around VIR was amazing. It's biggest issue was dependability. It broke down too often.

        3 years ago
  • That's a shame. I always like seeing new race series sprout.

      3 years ago